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Immediately hide ALL posts of a member


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I'm not sure atm if there's a way via the ACP or front-end to immediately hide all of a member's posts without any other action(s) except for banning the account. If there is, what is it? If not, there really should be. Here are two possible features, either or both of which could be implemented.

1) ACP > System [tab] > System Settings > Members [tab] > Spam Prevention > Flagging Members [category] > Action to take when a member is flagged for spamming
Add an option to 'Hide posts, ban account' or even better, 'Hide posts, move member to ...' after which a group (only secondary if checked) can be specified.

2) ACP > Members > Viewing Member d4afed71c1aaa7dc681fc418956dc7b3 > Actions [menu]
Add an option to 'Hide All Member's Posts ...'.

Ideally, there would also be an option by default to hide all of a member's posts but only those posts that match certain parameters such as a specified poster's IP address or after a specified post date & time.

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1) At the location in #1 above, what exactly does 'Empty profile' do (e.g. what does it erase)?

2) What determines who can flag a spammer? Is it only available to admins and super mods?

Depending on the answers to these questions, the Flag Spammer feature might or might not be suitable as an alternative to the proposed features.
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