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Download: Midnight Sun


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File Name: Midnight Sun
File Submitter: Woodsman
File Submitted: 16 May 2012
File Category: Dark Skins

Midnight Sun was about as calming to make as it was seeing it as a desktop wallpaper.
This theme is one of my forward scrolling skins with a fixed background.
The 2.3.x - 3.3.x versions have been tested on a few private boards and all bug fixes made

IP. Board Applications
IP.Board v3.3.x
Blogs v2.5.2
Calendar v3.3.0
Content v2.3.1
Downloads v2.5.1
Gallery v4.2.1

3rd Party Board Applications
Links Directory v4.0.0
Member Map v1.0.6
Classifieds v1.2.1
Contact Form v2.0.2
(e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks v1.5.0
Shoutbox v1.3.1
Subscriptions Manager v1.2.0
Tutorials v1.4.0

Updated hooks that were embedded also work without error.

Also included:
Logo PSD
Team icon PSD
Install instructions and other documentation

Demo board http://www.woodsmans...com/demo_forum/
ID: Demo_User PW: demouser Thanks to a spammer the ID and Password are no longer valid... You will now need to login...

Click here to download this file

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