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Friendly URL rewriting

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hey, im not really sure if this is the right place to post this, but my license expired so i can only post in this section now xD. Im having a few issues with URL Rewriting.

IT involves IP content, other applications and the main board. Firstly i have them both enabled, and work fine on their own. I have my forums located in public_html/forum and my IP content index is set up in Public_html/ On the most parts this all works fine for friendly url, for example the forums show up as /forum/ instead of index.phpblahblahblah and same with any pages on there like the members page and calendar (forum/members, forum/calendar)

When i create pages in IP content they show up fine as well, for example www.domain.com/guidelines which is what i want. The first page you come to on the site is the index.php of ip content which is also fine. Just shows up as www.domain.com. However if i where to navigate away from that page to the forums for example, and then go back the the ip content page using the link in the menu bar, it shows up as /forum/index.php?app=ccs, and the same with any third party apps such as the contact form or arcade mod.

Is this normal? or have i done something wrong. its no big issue its just slightly annoying to look at xD

thanks for any help on this

EDIT: ive also noticed that since doing this, when viewing whos online, it no longer shows what people are looking at, just always says viewing the index, dont know if its related

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Not really, your also showing as an active client so you should try posting in the IP Content area. Although this sounds like a possible bug that you may want to also post in the tracker

I dont have permission to start topics there any more, im assuming it is because my licence key expired and i haven't renewed yet.

Anyway, my problem has been sorted with help from the guys over at invision modding. By the looks of it, even with friendly url enabled it does what i had listed above. So i have disabled the tab and edit the global template, and added the following line in the menu items:

{parse variable="ccsActive" default="" oncondition="IPS_APP_COMPONENT == 'ccs'" value="active"}<li id='nav_ccs' class='left {parse variable="ccsActive"}'><a href='http://gamers-revolution.co.uk/' title='{$this->lang->words['go_to_ccs']}'>{IPSLib::getAppTitle( 'ccs' )}</a></li>

This creates a new tab on the menu bar. The url is set to the default page i want, in this case my public directory, so now when i hit the button, it misses out the /forum/index.php&app=CCS part :smile: and still detects that the app in use is CCS

still dont know about my actuve users issue though, doesnt appear to be related to the friendly url stuff

Thanks for the resonse


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You can see what licenses are still active via the Client Center. If you have multiple apps you'll still show up as an active customer if one of them doesn't need to be renewed yet

Yeah i had a look, Active users is part of IP Board its self, which has expired, so i cant create a ticket for that specific piece of software. Not to worry though, i'll wait until the end of the month when i can renew, then i will create a ticket. Its not a high priority anyway just mor eof an annoyence so it doesnt really matter right at this moment :)

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