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Consistency of .ipsBox / .ipsBox_container


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I love the consistency that you guys are pushing for in 3.3. Going along with that, I'd like to point out a few areas that need slight tweaking that I've noticed while skinning my own forum. .ipsBox and .ipsBox_container contain most forum elements, but there are quite a few pages where simply a table or plain div is used, making the page look naked and unrefined.

These areas include:

  • Almost all tabbed sections in the Mod CP, namely:
    • The Report Center
    • Manage Members
    • Deleted Content
    • Current Announcements
    • Unapproved Content

[*]View New Content Page [*]"The Moderating Team" Page [*]Today's Top 20 Posters [*]Mini Calendars on the Calendar Page (Debatable, but I think they would look better surrounded by .ipsBox) [*]"Report this post" page (I really don't know why this is an entire page to begin with... would be better as a modal)
This is all I can remember right now, though there may have been one or two more.
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