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  1. Thank you! The clearing of the cache worked perfectly.
  2. Yes, the tag cloud sorting seems pretty random right now.
  3. Trying to rearrange the citation elements. For example, rather than Snapback Image / User, On Date, Time Said: I would like to have User Said: (Linked to snapback) Date, Time (Aligned right)
  4. It should be much, much easier to skin CKEditor than it currently is. I am very experienced with CSS and I am having an unnecessarily difficult time changing the appearance of the two rows of options at the top. I don't even think the default images in the editor can be changed, at least not without editing the CKEditor source files. I'm not sure what to suggest other than "make it easier". :/ IP.Board 3.2 improved skinning in so many ways, but this is one area that is noticeably lacking. I don't know the specifics, but I feel like it would be better if IPS went back to using their own editor created specifically for their products, rather than some 3rd party application.
  5. Many of the areas in the User CP could have .ipsBox added as well.
  6. I love the consistency that you guys are pushing for in 3.3. Going along with that, I'd like to point out a few areas that need slight tweaking that I've noticed while skinning my own forum. .ipsBox and .ipsBox_container contain most forum elements, but there are quite a few pages where simply a table or plain div is used, making the page look naked and unrefined. These areas include: Almost all tabbed sections in the Mod CP, namely: The Report Center Manage Members Deleted Content Current Announcements Unapproved Content [*]View New Content Page [*]"The Moderating Team" Page [*]Today's Top 20 Posters [*]Mini Calendars on the Calendar Page (Debatable, but I think they would look better surrounded by .ipsBox) [*]"Report this post" page (I really don't know why this is an entire page to begin with... would be better as a modal) This is all I can remember right now, though there may have been one or two more.
  7. Yay! All for removing useless things that only cause confusion. The next release is shaping up to be a great one. And is that a linen texture I see in the media manager? Steve Jobs would be proud.
  8. FINALLY! Rearranging of menu items. IP.Board keeps getting better and better.
  9. Love it. Keep up the great work, guys.
  10. My suggestion was used! I love IPS.
  11. The link to the messenger at the top of the site always links to the first message of a conversation, which is rather inconvenient, especially when you get to having multiple pages. Please change this to link to the first unread message.
  12. Okay, I'd like to say thank you again for this wonderful feature. It's my favorite thing about 3.2 and has already come in handy multiple times. And to those of you confused, you should really just learn CSS/HTML. It's not that difficult to learn at all, I promise.
  13. Will this be updated now that 3.2 is out?
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