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Download: StoreFront PayPal Shopping Cart


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File Name: StoreFront PayPal Shopping Cart
File Submitter: Enkidu
File Submitted: 02 Oct 2011
File Category: IP.Content Modifications

If you have decided to commercialize your IP.Board but you don't want to spend a fortune on a full-featured high expensive store that would cost you the earth, then this mod is for you! It's powered by IP.content so all the code is in front of you, nothing is hidden or coded, and you can parse the system where-ever you want.

As usual let's start with a demo

Enkidu storefront shopping cart

let's talk features:

1- supports paypal sandbox. This will allow you to test your system without making any actual payment.
2- choose your currency
3- specify your paypal checkout page style
4- specify your Successful payment page
5- specify Cancelled payment page
6- specify Cart Handlig Charge
7- turn the system online/offline
8- display an offline message to visitors
9- configure a welcome statement to the visitors of your store.
10- swing slider for the last 4 items submitted to the store
11- dynamically generated navigation menu.
12- high security. You don't store credit card numbers or emails or anything. everything is done through paypal so you won't be worrying about that.
13- define access right on per category basis (it's powered by IP.content so you have control over all of that)
14- configure which group/s can add items.

Although the demo shows electronics items, you're not limited to that. You can define your own categories/types such as skins or services etc.

The readme file has 9 pages that will guide you through the process of setting up your system.

Finally, whether you're just started using IPC or comfortable IPC user, it will be an entertaining exercise for you to dissect the code and customize it to the way you want.


Only pages with IPB wrapper are supported.

This mod is available for the introductory price of only $2.00!

Click here to download this file

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I LOVE where this is going!!

I'll install tomorrow to see how it plays with fusionmenu, if not, I may consider dropping fusionmenu :)

The cart tab is excellent, so is the slider.

One mention: the "deal slider" appears everytime you browse a category, maybe set it to show once so it doesnt annoy shoppers with the same "deal" being offered multiple times.

Anyway, THANK YOU for an alternative to IPS obfuscated source cart code, and by using the IPcontent framework making it very customizable.

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Will this allow my members to add their products / downloads into the store?

yes if you give them permission to do so but payment can only go to a single PayPal account so they can't configure where the payment would go, only you as admin can set that :smile:
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when you create a page in IPC, you'll have two options.

1- use IPB wrapper, which is basically that upper portion of IPB (header and navigation buttons) but also you'll get all IPB variables and look and feel.

2- no wrapper. In this case, you'll need to write your own header, CSS, JS, and html skeleton.

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I have a question

Does this allow for NON Members to Purchase products without having=g to register to the board?

If it does I will buy it now as Nexus is FUBAR in this area and will not allow purchase unless user is forced to register.

they'll need a paypal account. You can test it yourself :)
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No images and the format s no using the IPC wrapper


Going over the install again..

the custom skin thingie again :wink:

first let's solve why the CSS is not loading on that page and for that start by disabling minify JS settings. then we will work on customizing the look and feel to match your skin :smile:

by the way, you should use IPB wrapper. the addon was designed to work under that assumption
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