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  1. Portal

    I would like to just wrap the portal around the main forums. Is there a way to have side and top blocks leaving the middle as the default forum?
  2. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Just renewed and upgrading now. BRB. .................................. ................................................. ................................................................. ............................................................................................. K Me Back Update all good to go, accept ne small hiccup, when I hit Upgrade it worked So Bummed :drool: As always, Great work Bob :sorcerer:
  3. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    I tell you what, I am so very happy this has been taken over by Marcher Tech. Bar non the best support next to IPS :drool:
  4. Blocking Countries through htaccess

    Doesn't seem to bother my server. But if there is an easier way, I am all ears
  5. Media System

    Thanks, I swear I searched using a part of the error string But thanks, much appreciated it corrected it.
  6. Media System

    Made a change to one of my blocks, recached and results are now Error: Could not load template 'feed__generic_96' from group '' The media system is working, just when I am loading the video as a Latest Media I get this error http://www.flattrackers.com/media.html -- Link to Media Page at center top block should appear http://www.flattrackers.com -- Link to main page at center bottom Block should appear Not sure what I did wrong. All I did was change Listing Categories Filters to be all 4 Categories to display and changed Column to sort by to Random
  7. An easy to use method is to visit this website and create your Own ACL to block country;s Easy to use as I am security consious as my main target is the United States I want to block countries that really are known for hacking. I understand most hacks are multi layered meaning bouncing one pc/server to another, but it is just one item to use in your tool box https://www.countryipblocks.net/country_selection.php
  8. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    Is this capable of Fluid or static sizing? Meaning can it be set to be Screen wide 100% or is it static at 900px
  9. Media System

    Not sure if I should post this here. During the upgrade, I follow the steps, but what I have found is that adding the blocks always adds new blocks to the OTHER BLOCKS section in IP.C > Blocks I have placed the "IPContent Media System" blocks in a seperate catagory and have to delete the old blocks them move the new to that catagory. Why is that?, I would think the Upgrade would or should ID and update the already existing blocks. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Media System

    That is what I am missing, the options button to upload Never Mind, I foudn the problem. Shesh, the Problem was three races being streamed, 3 chat windows open, trying to update this Media and not paying attention to detail. Sorry Good Work again on the Update
  11. Media System

    I just upgraded and lost the Upload drop down option to either link a video or upload It was there, then Poof Like magic all gone. Out side of that its all good See below
  12. Graphite

    Cool Theme I installed it really to test an issue in IP.C I foudn this. The Go to Menu is bunched up It should be Go To: Home - Flattrackers Store Forums Members Calendar Chat Classifieds Links Gallery Member Map Home - Flattrackers
  13. Media System

    Perfect Upgrade Thanks Bob I have a question thouigh. It seems the Upgrade instructions work but instead of update the correct black it adds a new block. So you have to validate the nerw delete the old Am I missing someting in the steps
  14. Media System

    Bob Thanks again fro your time and assistance in looking at this issue. Glad it is not a bug in the software but a config issue as well as a mp4 supported format. Hope you are able to figure out soon how this fits. I have completed my php.ini compare of my custom tvs my hosts default. I am missing some libraries which is expected based on their Wiki FAQ. I have reported this to my host provider so i expect to get the library locations by tomorrow and will add them to the custom php.ini. I also found some missing parems which I am adding as well as asked IPB support for any enhancement settings they recommend for performance of IPB. I will post all that up once i get it. Again thanks, and I am glad to report it is not a bug
  15. Media System

    If it is any help, I am able to upload this via Gallery with out issue