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A job well done.

Mama Gail

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I am a senior lady with little or no technical knowledge but I have to take the time to commend IP for the well put together upgrade. It took me some time to adjust to the admin panel and of course there was a learning curve in designing. I am no professional but everything I do is self taught. I didn't try my hand at upgrading but I own 2 boards and both were upgraded for me in 24 hours. Members on my recipe forum really like it and have given me positive feedback. I must say IP and everyone behind it, Charles, Matt and all staff a job well done, thought out for the little person like me with no technical knowledge whatsoever and the expertise. We all have something we don't like and nothing is perfect in this world but this is a far superior piece of software, well worth the price and I can say that from experience as I have used and designed for most every kind of forum software. kudos to all behind the scenes for a job well done and it was worth the wait.

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