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Member Area Confusng


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I find some aspect of the member dropdown/profile structure a bit confusing:

  • Selecting the profile in the drop down has a mixture of profile stuff and some content. This doesn't seem entirely logical gven the title.
  • Under the profile settings is an option for friends, but this doesn't seem to have any direct link to the 'manage friends' setting in the drop-down. Can these two not be combined or at least linked?
  • Similarly the 'topics, posts etc' tabs in the profile page seem to sort of duplicate the 'my content' option in the drop down menu. Again can these not be combined or at least linked in some way?
  • Under My settings the stuff down the left hand side seems fine, but the tabs across the top or gallery and marketplace seem oddly placed. Should these not be in the 'my content' section?
  • Of all the options under 'my settings' I'm not sure why 'ignore preferences' warrants being in the drop-down as well as in the settings list?

There may be some logic to this, but these are my first reaction to looking around - which I hope are helpful.
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