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Better way to import/export languages


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I'm sure this has been brought to your attention before, but something needs to change with the way language packs get imported and exported. The way it works right now, the language pack gets saved out as a single .xml.gz file. That's fine for exporting, but trying to re-import that back in will often time out a lot of sites. If your language is a multi-byte one, the problem is even worse.

As a moderator of the Marketplace, I frequently have to check into reports of broken language packs because people can't get them imported. The problems are not with the language packs themselves, their sites just can't do all the work of parsing the content of the .xml.gz file, importing all of the language strings, and caching those all out to new .php files without timing out.

Is there any way to do the whole process in discrete chunks, and redirect between steps?

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