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Semantic HTML for 3.2? 3.1 fails W3C Semantic check


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<edit>I meant 3.1.4 not 3.1 in the title :) </edit>

I've tried running several topics off this forum through the W3C Semantic Data Extractor (http://www.w3.org/2003/12/semantic-extractor.html) and I keep getting an error.


for example both throw errors, as does every other topic I've tried.

On a totally stock (not a single change made) IPS demo install, the forum still fails on the Semantic Extractor and has errors on the W3C validator. Yes, I know that sometimes it's impossible to make everything validate if you want pages to WORK ;), that's why I only mentioned the validator as a side note.

SEO is a somewhat vague and changing landscape of best practices, but semantic HTML is one thing that I believe makes a tangible difference. Good semantic structure helps search engine spiders in parsing the page and pulling out what's important and what's noise. It's just plain good practice, not just for spiders, but for screen readers etc.

Perhaps the results from the validator are anomalous?

Can anyone on the dev side of the community comment on whether this has been or will be a part in the 3.2 update?

Thanks in advance for any clarification and/or information that you can share. :) We're taking another look at IPS given a lot of the great strides forward already announced for 3.2 and I'm trying to make sure I'm comparing apples to apples.

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