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Some suggestions for 3.2+


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Some suggestions for you to consider:

1) New Post Indicators

A graphical representation of how many new topics/replies there are on the forum index. I've installed it on my sites and it's VERY popular with the members.


2) ACP ability to control the sidebars. Either left, right, both or none.

3) More control over the sidebar, make it so blocks can be easily placed (IP.Content blocks for example) without having to hack the skin or use a 3rd party mod for custom sidebars.

4) Ability to control the navigation menus at the top, and add an extra top nav bar (like you have here), again, with modding or hacking skins. There really should be greater control over your own menu system.

5) Ability to force all members to agree to the site rules again if they've been amended.


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A few more:

6) Ability to set the number of recent topics in the sidebar without having to hack the code, this question pops up nearly daily on here.

7) Ability to set a forum as a "gallery style" forum. Lots of forums have "gallery" forums, which is nothing more than a convenient place for members to upload photos to show their friends. It'd be nice if the first attached photo of their topic was shown in the topic view, a demo can be seen here:

8) Ability to log-in as a member from the ACP. Very useful for cracking down on troublemakers and suspected trolls etc

9) Allow members to choose which groups they wish to be in, upon registering and also once registered, and also able to leave those groups.

I think that's it :)

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