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Download: IP.Content Styled Article Template Set

Marcher Technologies

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File Name: IP.Content Styled Article Template Set
File Submitter: Marcher Technologies
File Submitted: 11 Mar 2011
File Updated: 05 Jul 2011
File Category: IP.Content Modifications

This is a Set of 5 Article Templates(2frontpage, 1 Article View, Category view, Archives view) that utilize the most common style rules used in skins on IPB, allowing for both a nicely styled articles area, and multiple skin usage within IP.Content for consistency site-wide.
you Can view the live demo here: http://www.marcherte...om/_/a-new-cat/
I also do Custom Ipcontent work and aftermarket skin modifications, and can be contacted on my development board, or via pm here.

Click here to download this file

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