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3.2 Suggestions


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Some of this already have been made, but here we go:

Similr Threads and Tags

This something very useful that permits content relations and linking very easy
Just like Tag's, Similar Threads will help content association and internal link building.

Fast Sort for Topics

Simple make column clicable to fast sort by name, date, author, etc


Topic Read Order

Would like to see an option to read a topic from the last post

Threads Prefix

This is a must and before IPB, I used to use it a lot.

Delete & Ban

A simple and fast way to delete all posts/topics from a user and ban the user at the same time

IP.Gallery Integration

An option to upload an image from the post screen directly to the Gallery it's a very nice feature.

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I agree with this. At least, if I "pin" topics in a particular order, they should appear like that no matter what the user settings are. Either admin control panel or "hard" pinning would solve the issue for me, but this is really an annoying "undocumented feature".

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