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Guest Polling Options


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Could you integrate a guest polling option into 3.2? (or sooner). Also the ability to poll without showing results public?

All major news sites use guest polling. It's simply not feasible to expect everyone to join a site just to vote in a poll.

I have a real life example of how the lack of these options detracted from our site. We had a corporate partner asking about polling options. They wanted to poll people without showing the results to their competitors. Couldn't do that. The other issue being guests not having access to polling. They wanted as many as possible including guest visitors. Ultimately we iframed a "pollmonkey" survey into a CCS page so they could do what they needed. It would've added so much value to be able to look after their needs with our own platform.

Gallery 4.x

Would like to see options regarding what albums show random photos in the large album_primary container, as well as in the board index hook. Having some control over what gets such that prominent position would have many beneficial uses.

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