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Download: Web 2.0 Styled - IPB3 Pro Rank Images

Echelon One

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File Name: Web 2.0 Styled - IPB3 Pro Rank Images
File Submitter: syrusxl
File Submitted: 23 Feb 2011
File Category: Group Team Icons

Web 2.0 Styled IPB 3.0 Pro Rank Images
Brought to you by www.echelondesigners.com

A Web 2.0 styled collection of 17 pre-rendered rank images, and more with icons. Each rank image is a light blue tint with reflection, to color match the default color scheme of IP.Board.

Download includes:

  • 26 x Pre-rendered Rank Images (17 titles)
  • 1 x PSD file
  • 1 x Blank Button
  • 1 x Preview file
  • 1 x Read Me text document

Over 1,000 more free icons can be downloaded from http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/ - for many more optional button images.

The font used in this design is commercial and therefore not supplied with the package. Full details for this font can be found in the README.TXT file included.

Visit us today for more free IPB ranks!

Click here to download this file
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