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Support is very bad. It makes customers feel you guys don't care at all.


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In support ticket #716701, I have an escalated tier 3 (advanced development) issue that I made since Jan 15th. It's about a bug I found which Mark admitted to Nexus having. The problem is customers would be charged automatically or even manually, yet they would remain in the trial membership group even if the package is not supposed to expire until late in the future. Even customers with multiple purchases of the same package experience this error. Additionally, there are many pending transactions which occur due to a bug in Nexus (And no, payments are not set to be manually approved).

This is my second complaint about IPS' service. I had my topic censored and I must make a new post because it is happening again.

I made multiple ticket responses describing in detail all the customers that are experiencing problems and all I receive as response is bunk. I am told "the problem was fixed" but I still have customers experiencing the same "fixed" problem (In this particular instance, IPS said they fixed a bug where the renewal terms were not correctly applied, but I still see this problem occurring).

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We are working with you as best we can to resolve your problems.

The issue you're experiencing is an extremely isolated case - you are the only person to report such problems and such issues can sometimes take time to resolve completely. Your ticket however has been receiving my continuous attention and we've been responding throughout in good time (it hasn't just been sitting open since January 15 - in fact, it's the first thing I check on each morning).

I understand that the problems you've been experiencing are inconvenient, but, if I may be frank, I find comments such as "all I receive as response is bunk" quite offensive. If you would like to work with us, fantastic - if you're going to continue making this so difficult, then we're not going to get very far.

I don't think this really needs further discussion. Please reply to your ticket if you need anything else.

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