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Calendar in 3.2


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Two things I am looking forward in the 3.2 for the calendar app

1) A way to have different event colors in the same community calendar instead of having to create a new calendar and have different pages per calendar. ie you create an event and tag it as: EVENT and it goes let say green. then you create another event and you tag it as THEATER and it shows lets say as blue. One single calendar instead of different ones. You should also be able to sort and hide of course

2) A proper registration system for events. Something very simple where if you are authorized to create a RSVP you add a link/button to rsvp and select who will be able to see who is registered for that event. lets say you can only allow moderators and admins to see who is registered and members only see a button to register or unregister. I had a custom hook made for this but I feel it should be part of the default calendar

3) A way to add links to the calendar that are not full urls like /wordpress/event/110 as opposed to http://www.site.com/wordpress/event/110 which is crucial if you have to change the site URL going from a .net to .com for example without having to re edit all calendar events. Relative links in calendar please.

just my two cents

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