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Suggestion: ACP checkbox to show age with birthdays


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Instead of giving the option to the members to add the date or not, they should be able to add the date like they do now but also have the ACP set if the age is going to be shown or not.
You may want to not show your age at the member level or show it if you don t mind but the admin may need to know your age and if you remove your year of birth the admin will not know the age.

To solve that you could add a checkbox in the calendar/birthdays setting to let the admin(s) decide if they want to hide the age. Then the individual users would be able to override that in their profile with a checkbox saying: Show Age

The admin sets globally to now show age just name and the users on their profile can decide to show their age or not. Or you could also add another level where the admin can force to show ages. Point is a control somewhere to show the age would be great instead of having to rely on individual members having to go to their profile and add/remove the year of birth.

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