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Download: Slate (mobile design)


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File Name: Slate (mobile design)
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 18 Aug 2010
File Updated: 30 Aug 2010
File Category: Light Skins

IPB Forum Skins introduces Slate - a skin designed specifically for mobile devices!

The skin revolves heavily around modern css3 properties including gradients, text shadows, box shadows and rounded corners - and has very few images. The layout is user-friendly, has been coded efficiently and provides an enhanced layout over the default mobile design which comes with 3.1.x.

A demo is available on the skin page, and is viewable in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera (and of course your mobile). Please keep in mind that the design was made for mobiles, so some imperfections may arise if you view it using a desktop browser.

Click here to download this file

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