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Suggestion: Disable languages without deleting them


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Hello everyone!

So I wanted to edit this small thing that the "reply"-button next to the entries says "quote" instead (for this is what it does) and I found out I can't edit the "master-language", so I added a new one with this minor change. Then I found out that I can't just disable a language, but I would need to delete it. I'd find it better to be able to disable a language if I just don't need it currently instead of deleting and re-uploading it every time something changes.

The best thing in my eyes would be to make it like vBulletin (3.8 ;)) in this case. In fact I'd further improve it so you may decide which usergroup has the permissions to access which languages.
Why? Well I'll be working with some languages on my forums, but not all shall be toggleable by everyone by default.

Still I would be pleased if I could only disable them instead of deleting them, for currently I have two english-languages that only differ in one phrase.


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