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Download: GLC Custom Global Forum Title V2.0.0

Graeme Leighfield

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File Name: GLC Custom Global Forum Title V2.0.0
File Submitter: Graeme Leighfield
File Submitted: 16 Jul 2010
File Updated: 17 Jul 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

New for V2, Add more than one custom title and it will be randomly chosen and display!

With this mod you can add some custom text to your global forums title (Appears in the top of your browser window) Great for advertising things which are going on within your forum.

This setting can be found under Settings -> glCreations -> Custom Global Page Title

Note! If you are upgrading from V1 please uninstall this hook first, install the new one, and then recache all skin sets!

Click here to download this file

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Just to confirm Ive checked, the option is Website Name, this custom text only appears after this in the title of your browser only. If it were everywhere else it would look rather horrid in my opinion!

Ip.Board 3.1 has a setting so you can set the title of the board index only. This does not apply to other pages.

Board Index Page Title

Specify the title to use for the board index. If left blank, the "Board Name" setting will be used

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Well its clear that no ones know about it if they've all posted in here - besides, this is going to be the basis of a walkthrough for making a hook with a setting, which will be uploaded shortly, and it gives the functionality to 3.0.x users.

Non the less, Ill have the rotating version ready tomorrow /sunday - This was only really a test excersice to get used to the hook system :)

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You're my new hero :D Thank you!

One more feature request: maybe make it so that the user can select which forums this works in, or in which applications? I love this, but I don't necessarily want it displaying on every page on my site, y'know?

Yeah good idea, Im just focusing on another mod that im making at the moment first, then ill come back and look at this request :)
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