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File Name: Light

File Submitter: Fisana.

File Submitted: 01 Jun 2010

File Category: Light Skins

Supported Versions: IP.Gallery 5.0.x

Light Skin by Fisana (ipbskins.ru) for
IP.Board 3.4.6
IP.Blog 2.6.3
IP.Calendar 3.3.4
IP.Content 2.3.6
IP.Downloads 2.5.4
IP.Gallery 5.0.5
Included: png and psd Logo blanks and font; Team Icons

Installation instructions.

If you have not installed a skin before and are unsure what to do, follow this guide:


Click here to download this file

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no can reproduce it in delicate (green) and IBR

in your skin template you have following code

		<li><a href="{parse url="app=members&amp;max_results=20&amp;sort_key=posts&amp;sort_order=desc&amp;filter=ALL" base="public" seotitle="false"}" title="{$this->lang->words['sm_overall_posters_title']}">{$this->lang->words['sm_overall_posters']}</a></li>

Default skin has this code

	<li><a href="{parse url="app=members&amp;section=view&amp;module=list&amp;max_results=20&amp;sort_key=posts&amp;sort_order=desc&amp;filter=ALL" base="public"}" title="{$this->lang->words['sm_overall_posters_title']}">{$this->lang->words['sm_overall_posters']}</a></li>

if you swap the 2 codes over and add the default to your skins it works fine.

Hope that helps

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Many changes. They are included in the new version.
Changes for this skin in:
Global Templates >>> globalTemplate, userInfoPane
Search >>> asForumPosts
Topic View >>> topicViewTemplate
ipb_styles.css, ipblog.css, ipb_profile.css, ipb_messenger.css, ipb_editor.css
Detailed instructions will not be. It takes a long time.
It is better to install the new version.

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Hello Fisana. but that Facebook like is still out of place,it's showing on the right side of the forum over the jump bar instead on the left over the share topics icons,i have upgrade this skin just now but that issue still there.

%7Boption%7D2wrixc6.jpg' alt='' class='ipsImage' wid" alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="562">

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I show you another skin with the same problem because i just deleted the light skin,to reinstall it fresh to see if it correctthe problem..link to my forum is www.mediagalaxyzone.com

Why are you showing me the old version?
I'll update Comfy. If after re-download & re-install bug will remain, then show me it.
I am interested to see errors in skins for 3.1.2 with 3.1.2 forums, but not 3.1.1.
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When I click on the Overall top posters I'm getting a database error.

Can anyone else tell me if they are getting the same error pls?

The "Overall top posters" link in my case is redirecting to My Conversations in the Messenger and not displaying a top poster list as supposed to be ... :whistle:
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