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Download: Bubble Blue [FinalPrestige.net]


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File Name: Bubble Blue [FinalPrestige.net]
File Submitter: Bitter
File Submitted: 22 Apr 2010
File Updated: 24 Jun 2010
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

Version: 1.1
Bubble Blue is a blue skin that uses the general chat bubble as it's theme. It has a revolutionary editing process. There are very few images involved, and very few actual blue colors involved. The main image causing all the color to show is the background image. By changing the background image alone, the whole skin can change colors. It makes editing incredibly easy for any person, and gives users plenty of options when personalizing the skin to fit your needs.

Skin by FinalPrestige.net

FOR IP.Board 3.1

Click here to download this file

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