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Download: Sena

Graeme S.

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File Name: Sena
File Submitter: Graeme S.
File Submitted: 07 Apr 2010
File Category: Color-Theme Skins


Sena is a relatively simple skin that has a grungy background. The colours are easily changeable, and a Shady version is already available if you are not a fan of the blue. :)

You can see a live demo on http://www.invisionskinning.com/forums/ and I'll let the skins speak for themselves :).

It will be upgraded to 3.1 for free for everyone who purchases the skin and is compatible will all major add ons :)

* IP Board 3.0.x
* Gallery 3.1.x
* Blog 2.1.x
* Downloads 2.1.x
* IP.Tracker 1.3.1a
* IP.Chat
* IP.Shoutbox
* New iconset!
* Original buttons!

Click here to download this file

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