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Suggestion: Auto Warn and Prune inactive members


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Every 3 months I search for any members who have ZERO posts and have not signed in for the past 365 days. I send them an email stating that I will be deleting their account within 7 days, then once those seven days have passed.....I delete anyone who still meets that criteria. I think it would be nice if this feature was automated by the forum itself.


  • how often to run this task (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • what time to run this task
  • how many warning emails to send per minute
  • max warning emails to send per night
  • how many days between email being sent and account being deleted
  • what member groups should be exempt
  • control over what the email message should read
  • log file of how many people each night were contacted
  • statistics on what percentage of members contacted reactivated their account

While on the subject, I think we need more criteria for the pruning process within IP Board. I allow my new members to comment on gallery, downloads and blogs, but when I prune their accounts, I don't wish to lose those people. I am going to be forced to require at least 1 post to become active on other area's of my site (tracker, download, blog, links, gallery).
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