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[Suggestion] Permissions for Flagging Spammers

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Just the other day, my forums had a spammer on, and he posted 50 topics in a matter of 15-20 minutes, spamming for another site. At the time, no admins or moderators were online.

I would love an option to select who can flag spammers from their profiles, maybe in member group settings. I have a few dedicated members (who have been with me for five years) who I could trust doing this, and I'd create a new group for them, possibly a secondary group, that had these permissions.

Therefore, the next time this happens, I could have non-staff members flagging spammers (disabling their posting abilities), and it would also be a way to keep them stealth, as they would still be in that default member group. :)

I suppose it would be the same concept as the Report Post feature, which allows you to select member groups allowed to report...just for the flag spammer feature instead.

Increased forum security is always a good thing. ;)

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