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How long for cleancut?


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Sorry to moan, but it is taking a long time for cleancut to be officially released.

We were promised that it would be out with 3.0.3 - this was in August.

A beta was released, but no official final version with 3.0.3 in early September.

We now have 3.0.4 and another beta.

How long before it is officially released?

I was hoping to use it weeks ago - but can't as it is still not finished.

Thank you.

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Okay thanks. Not keen on using betas LOL

Mind you, I just read another swathe of complaints on my forums as to how poor IPB is - I do not agree with any of them - but if they are not posting or only complaining then I am not in the mood to battle with them.

When multiple people use the words of 'its rubbish', then I have to wonder as to what their issues are. They all seem to have different problems.

If people are not using the forums, then there is a problem.

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