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Download: Wii fSkin


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File Name: Wii fSkin
File Submitter: Forcize Studios
File Submitted: 23 Oct 2009
File Category: Miscellaneous Skins

Still remembering those people that loved the Wii fSkin for IP.Board 2. Now we just bring the same concept but with some handy features.

About the Skin:
The Skin was developed using the EarthVibes framework with some pieces of the Ultima Framework, been the case that the framework still on development we just took some small pieces of it but the results were better than the original version for IP.Board 2. Since the release of Elegance we've been trying to find a way for avoid multiple skins releases (with different colors, styles, widths, etc...) can't belive that some designers charge for that... Anyway with this release and with the upcoming releases we're going to fix that...

New Features and Changes (since the IPB 2.3.x):

Stack Navigation

If you're not interested in that feature it, you can remove it and use the old way

Ultima Edit

In case that you read the Ultima and Velociraptor information. The Ultima Edit is incomplete right now. The Full version of the Ultima Edit allow to combine styles, color schemes, basic/advanced CSS modifications, manage global attributes and even more.

Q: Why the delay for release it?
A: That was the surprise for November, right now we've rewritten unique classes replacing all the olds one (well not really). We've added another Style Sheet called "Compatiblity" that contain the most of the olds .CSS (besides: some common classes like the famous .row, still in use).

Q: Elegance, EarthVibes even the Wii fSkin (due to the incomplete integration) and the upcoming skins will use it?
A: Yes, but only Elegance in some days will use the same piece of framework due to the lack of friendly options.

The Good News:
Velociraptor is almost finished, so expect free skins soon.

The Bad News:
Due to the above news, Burning Eve probably will be for Christmas.

Elegance Ambient BBCODES
New BBCODEs for your forum :)

Old Features:
Clean layout with shadows and curves in structured propotions.
Optimized CSS.
Dynamic Header.
Fluid and Fixed Version.
Header Container, Buttons and Usergroups .PSD
Fancy Navigation.
Advanced Profile View.
Redefined Forum View and Global View. Fonts Included.

How to get it?
We're offering Membership in our club, just grab one and download all the availables (and incoming) skins for IPB 2.3.x and IPB 3.0.x

InClub Features:
1. 12/7 Support (from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am - GTM - 04:00)
2. Spanish/English Support.
3. Free Customizations
4. Freebies
5. New Skins Guarantee

Misc Links:
1. FAQ
2. Contact

Click here to download this file




Apple Stack Navigation, that is the new user navigation, save time and enjoy a fresh experience


Save time and customize the most importants options of the skin in the comfort of your ACP :P

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