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Download: Total Ecstasy Skin


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File Name: Total Ecstasy Skin
File Submitter: Evanescense
File Submitted: 02 Aug 2009
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

This is a gurley type skin with a peach setting containing soft pastel colors accented with deep violet. All graphics are hand drawn. This skin contains many, many customizations, including the traditional IBSkin 3 image category headers and footers and our fancy topic view layouts. This skin comes with the IP.Blog, IB.Gallery, IP.Downloads & IP.Tracker already skinned for you as well as the fonts and .psd files needed for custom editing. We have also included a matching team icon .psd and a matching avatar frame .psd for additional customization.

You can view this skin live on our community support forums at www.ibskin.com/forums

Stop by the IBSkin Shop and grab yours today! :)

Click here to download this file


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