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Download: (DP23) SEO Linker 1.1


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File Name: (DP23) SEO Linker 1.1
File Submitter: DawPi
File Submitted: 13 Mar 2009
File Category: Modifications

With this modification you can change specific phrazes in posts to another.

In ACP view there is list of all 'pairs' -> BEFORE <> AFTER phrazes. From there you may see date added/uptaded, delete one pair, delete all pairs, see replaced code, you may also edits all pairs.

If in the post will be this sentence: "This is forum." then will be replaced by sentence " This is super forum". As you see post was parsed based on pairs set in ACP. During editing posts user see original phrazes! Replaced phrazes will be shown only in topic view.


  • Enable/disable mod,
  • Choose groups which will see parsed phrazes,
  • Choose forums where this mod will be enabled,
  • Mod works fine with fast edit stuff.


Click here to download this file
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