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Download: Space - Custom Blog Header

The Old Man

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File Name: Space - Custom Blog Header
File Submitter: The Old Man
File Submitted: 07 Nov 2008
File Category: IP.Blog Headers

Importing the Customer Blog Header

It looks complicated but its actually quite easy. I have exported this header from my own AdminCP, but because the export process in IP Blog v1.4.x hard codes the path to the blog folder in the XML file, you will need to make 2 simple text edits to the XML blog header file, and one final edit in the AdminCP Blog settings after importing.

This is so that when you import the XML file into your own Blog, it will then correctly point to folders and font on your own server, and not mine!

Part 1 - Preparing the XML file.

First download the file and browse to where you download it.
Open the file with Notepad, Dreamweaver or similar and change both the 2 instances of the path, which will both look like this:


Carefully change them both to whatever the path is to your own blog installation. Make sure to do both, as one is for the header image, and the second is for the tile image! Make sure not to change anything else whatsoever, or the graphic image will be corrupt.

TIP. If you are not sure of the correct path to your blog installation, you can find it by navigating to the Blog Settings page in your Admin CP, and scrolling down to Attachment Settings > Upload directory to deduce the path to your blog.

For example, my own path displays as /home/jackal/public_html/millennium/tiwwa/uploads so therefore I can tell that the path I would use in the XML file is:

Part 2 - Import the XML file.

Now go to your Invision Power Board and navigate to:
ACP -> COMPONENTS -> IP.Blog -> Customization -> Configure Custom Header Options -> Import XML Header File

Import the XML file you just edited. If you got the path correct to your blog, you'll now see the new header is available for use!

Part 3 - Edit the path to your font folder.

Thanks to AndyF for the tip that the font setting also needs updating in your settings!

Open the menu button at the side of your newly imported header image and select Edit Header.

Look under FONT where it will likely say /home/jackal/public_html/millennium/tiwwa/style_images/fonts/streetcornerbold.ttf

Change the path to your font folder on your server, just like you did before when you edited the XML file.

Your new blog header is now ready to use in your blogs!

Click here to download this file

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