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Download: TransBlue


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File Name: TransBlue
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 08 Sep 2008
File Updated: 04 Nov 2009
File Category: Dark Skins


TransBlue is a semi-transparent blue skin for IPB 2.2.x and IPB 2.3.x. and utilizes png images and a smooth gradient background to create a unique dark skin. The background is fixed, so it stays in the same position even when the page is scrolled which creates an attractive space type effect. The skin also downgrades nicely for older browsers which don't fully support png graphics, such as Internet Explorer 6.

The skin is compatible IP Blog 1.4.x and IP Gallery 2.2.x. It has its own customized profile view and comes complete with psd files for the banner, new post icons, post buttons and topic buttons.

Click here to download this file


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