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Download: Blog Post Count For 1.4


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File Name: Blog Post Count For 1.4
File Submitter: BASHERS33
File Submitted: 24 Jul 2008
File Category: IP.Blog Modifications

Update: Now if you do the optional edit in mod.php located in the entry document, when an entry is deleted it will also lower post count for the authors of those comments. For example if one member made 5 comments and another made 1 then it will lower post count by 5 and 1 respectively if that entry is deleted.

Note: If you downloaded an earlier version of this, you need to simply redo the edit in mod.php in the document for entries.

This has 2 small documents explaining how to have post count go up and down for:
1. Blog Commenting.
2. Blog Entry Creating.

You can use one or the other or both.

Click here to download this file

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