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Download: [Klassified 2.1.x] Harmonize - v1.1


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File Name: [Klassified 2.1.x] Harmonize - v1.1
File Submitter: Klass
File Submitted: 13 Oct 2006
File Category: Components

Harmonize was created for Board Administrators with more than 1 Forum.
Everyone hates registering on more than 1 Forum so why not have the option to register on 1 Forum then import your info to another forum of the Board Administrators choosing.

An Example is from IPS and when you create your IPSBeyond account from the Client Center.

You must register on http://www.armysystem.com and create your account from My Controls to access http://my.armysystem.net

(Sorry for the Registration Demo but that is the only way it works)

2 Invision Power Board's
You can not hold Klass and/or any of my sites liable for your decision and/or actions to not buy 2 IPB Licenses from IPS so you can use this modification.


v. 1.1
Cleaned up some code
Probably the last update for 2.1.x series

Click here to download this file

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