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Download: ibProCasino 1.6.1


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File Name: ibProCasino 1.6.1
File Submitter: Tribalize
File Submitted: 14 Feb 2007
File Category: Components

ibProCasino allows your members to take there points they earned off the board and gamble them in the Casino by playing flash based casino games. Games ranged from Texas Holdem,Slots,Poker, Stud, and etc..

* Full integration into IPB (skin, lang, users show up in online list, etc.)
* Category system allows you to keep all of your games organized.
* Per usergroup permissions allows you to grant different levels of access to different groups.
* Admin CP is extremely advanced and allows you to control every little function in the casino.
* Extremely easy install process (NO EDITS @ ALL).
* Works with any point system
* You Must have point system installed to use this mod!
* No conflict between ibProArcade and ibProCasino

*Please be sure to read ALL of the insturctions

ibProCasino 1.6.1 Final

Read the Instructions for Install and Upgrades!!!!!!!!!!!!


* Removed almost all Lang from Files & Templates to lang_casino
* Fixed the Total Time Played in Stats
* Added Option to Turn Collapse / Expand Games ON or OFF
* Fixed a few Templates for Non Closed Tags
* Added one New Template to Support the option for Non Collapse / Expand Games
* Added Top Winners to the Cache
* Removed "ibf_" from all Files, So it will support any Prefix
* Added 3 New Casino Addons, Casino Stats & Users, Casino Panel and Top 3 Winners
* Added Options in ACP to Control the New Addons
* Fixed the Bug in ACP where Deposit Logs, Game Logs & Score Logs would not Delete (Thanks eaglesfan)
* Added Mass Select for the Games List in ACP for Mass Movement to Cats
* Fixed Bug for the Groups Option "Post count requirement." it would not show Any text in the Casino, Just the Requirement Number.
* Re-Done the components_location File as old one was buggy
* Updated components_ucp to stop the Error that some people get and moved the text to lang_casino
* Fixed casino_stats.php Task File
* Gone over all Files and Cleaned them up some
* Fixed some Spelling Mistakes
* Other Bugs and stuff i cant remember....

Thanks To Pred For This Update

Click here to download this file

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