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Hi, it's possible make difference in between Closed and Solved

Right now Admin & Co can close Topic and you see Red Folder with cross (it's like error or not accepted)

But I want give this authorization to my members for close topic. But it's close only and he can't reopen !

Why ? I will want have option for give to my member possibility for have bouton Solved. with cross gray (Like archived)

And second option move automatically this topic without alias link in other place.

in CP Admin when you make new cat in same time you can define cat Archive place.


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[quote name='-Calypso-' date='28 July 2009 - 10:35 PM' timestamp='1248834907' post='1834883']
AdminCP > Forums > Topic Multi-moderation

You can set this up so that the topic is marked as "Solved", closed and moved to the forum or your choosing.

He means for regular members to be able to do that, not just moderators.

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