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My feedback on IPB's SEO measures

Will Munny

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As I'm totally reliant on organic search engine traffic, I've been keen to get my hands on the new IPB 3 and have been closely watching the development of it over the last year or so... and after some hiccups, IPS have put together a functional set of SEO measures. I initially had a few reservations when I got my hands on the Release Candidate and went live with it on my live board, such as the huge negative indents in the CSS... however, after observing the effects on my installation and my search ranking over the last couple of months, I only have positive things to say.

I tweaked my furlTemplate.php a little to change the name of/remove a couple of directories. I also removed a superfluous repetition of the board name in the h1 tag. I also had to add a few more instances in the robots.txt file to cover some dupe content issues. I'm still having to add code to generate a 404 header for error pages/deleted topics... but other than that, IPB's out of the box SEO is really quite good... and the skins are far easier to work with than they were in previous versions, and now seem to have pretty good semantic mark up.

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