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Ticket System is unbelievably slow

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In my short experience with IP, I've submitted two tickets, one took about a day for a response IIRC, and my current one has been left open for 36 hours with no response. When I was with vBulletin, they would promptly reply to my ticket within an hour every time. I'd just like to express my overall unhappiness with the extremely poor handling of tickets with this company.

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When vB release 4.0 - go raise a ticket and see how long they take to respond.

IPS are doing everything they can - ive been chasing them a little, but overall support here is brilliant compared to vB (i used to have a vB board too)

Whats happening right now is not usual service, when things calm a little you will see a massive change in response times trust me right now its just in demand cos so many people are upgrading to IPB 3.0 and lots of people moving in from other scripts infact a hell of a lot of vB users are moving here right now.


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It is true that the current ticket response times are below average.

This is due to the recent release of IP.Board 3.0 - not only are we flooded with requests to upgrade, we are having much more tickets from people who have questions about the new system.
Today, the number of open tickets was about 50 times the average.

We are working to bring this back up to par - we have brought on additional staff, and have most recently added a "Tier 2" technical support department so that technicians can escalate complex issues and address the more plentiful general inquiries quicker.

We apologise for the delays, and I assure you we are doing everything we can to restore the ticket system to it's usual state.

If your ticket is of an urgent nature, please feel free to PM me the ticket number and I will make sure it is addressed as soon as possible.

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  • Management

We appreciate the feedback and certainly understand your disappointment. While most definitely not an excuse, the release of IPB 3.0 has slowed things beyond even our expectations, in spite of adding additional staff and preparing to the best of our abilities. We've just today made some internal changes to the ticket system and staffing that should bring significant improvement to response times and overall support efficiency.

Although our published response times are 48 hours, we pride ourselves on prompt support and I'm sorry we've been unable to deliver that to your (and our) standards.

Thank you again for your feedback - you'll receive a response to your ticket soon and I assure you that once the dust settles, you will experience the great support that most customers have grown to know and appreciate from IPS.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have further concerns.

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