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Suggestions: Demographic Considerations


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As reported recently, the fastest growing demographic in social networking is women age 55+. The age group 35-54 is also growing at a significant pace. My suggestion is to take those groups more into consideration when creating or implementing future designs/features. Perhaps use focus groups for their feedback.


While a lot of new things on IP3 are nice I find that most people in the 35-54 age group don't pay much attention to them. The reputation system is not at all on their radar. At least not in the group I have.

Priority number one in my view is ease of use and easy on the eyes. Warmer colors. Present front page text is too washed out. The present homepage text all looks the same ... size, color, weight. Hard to tell what's a link and what isn't. Should be easier to distinguish all of it at a quick glance.

Not that they are the only group to consider, but that group should be given much thought in the design process, IMO.

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