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Are there any plans to add an 'activity feed' where you can see what people from your friends list have been up to on the site - showing a summary of threads, posts, blogs, images, comments and anything else that they've posted or been involved in.

For example:

Friend 1 commented on Member 2's picture: Me in Spain
Friend 3 posted a new thread: Eminem Fans!
Friend 5 posted a new blog: My boring life
Friend 8 replied to thread: I like fraggles
Friend 10 scored XXXXX playing Space Invaders in arcade (If IBPro is installed)

On some community sites people tend to get involved in the things that friends are discussing or playing I find.

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A similar thing [user activity feed] was in one of the early betas, but it relied on the search index which was too resource-intensive, and disappeared along with that. Whether it will come back at some point is yet to be seen.

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