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I Have 2 Forum Problems! HELP!

Guest CDMS

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I need some major help. I bought everything and installed everything correctly. But, now I have no clue how to install the IP.Blog and IP.Gallery. I checked in the IPS Knowledge Base and they only had an installation guide on IP.Board itself which messed up my installation process because it deleted the entire board. So, I had one of my friends install it for me. But, now he doesn't want to help and I need help installing the Blog and Gallery. Can someone show me a guide to this, or tell me how to do this? Please?

Also, my board is having this PM System problem. Every other PM sent out on our board comes up with this board message saying I cannot send a reply back to this person until a certain amount of time has passed. It's said within 5-10 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, 10 hours. I'm a first time buyer and everything about this confuses me. I just wanted to make a community. I need help with this. Is it a file that may be corrupt or is it something I may have switched off or on in the AdminCP? I attached a Picture with the Board Message on it. I need help with both asap! CDMS I'm the owner and administrator of my own forum and I cannot PM anyone on it? That's not right.... :(


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-Blog and Gallery probably have installation guides in the download packages. I don't own them myself though, so I may be wrong.

-ACP > Tools and Settings > Personal Message Set-Up > PM Flood Control

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now, only the Gallery & Blog Set-up I need help with. I already upload the Blog & Gallery files, but when I go to install them, they work correctly, for a while until those features delete themselves, or, they take down the entire board. Is there something I have to do before I install those files? Are there any server permissions I have to do to correctly install them? Do I delete the set-up folder? What do I do? I run a Linux server as well.... HELP!
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