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I'm not sure if it's been suggested or not - even in the add on mods this hasn't been done.

We use a lot of emotes, however, not all at once. I'd love to see a better way to manage them, say, 25, 50, 75, 100 per page, with a user control to pick how many, in the admin control of them.

We use them seasonally, so we've got a huge number (an excessive number) loaded, but perhaps 1/4 of them "on" at any given time. We just leave them up to save time later.

I realize I could create different folders of emotes and swap them out on the themes themselves, but I don't only want "football season" or only "halloween" I might want both at the same time, so that isn't really a good solution for our needs. Being able to limit how many display at a time in the Emoticon Manager would be a much better solution.

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