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I've just submitted a support ticket about the ablilty to view all calendars in a "combined" view

is it too late for ipb3 .. or a addon perhaps?


There's not a way to combine the views.. The reason you're allowed to setup multiple calendars is because you'd want to NOT have a combined view.

I'm guessing you're wanting separate calendars, but also wanting to have an option to have one calendar that has all the events put together?

And there's not an option to do that.. Not a bad idea.. But the thought was that people would want to have separate calendars so that all the events could be separated, and wouldn't want to put them all back together.

Might want to throw that out as a suggestion.. Don't know if it's too late to get that in for IPB3 or not.. I can see where that would be useful.. Depends on how difficult it would be to implement..


is where you'd want to put the suggestion.


IPS Support

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