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Checking registrations

Guest SecondSight

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Hello ! :)

I'm in the second period of the year where I have a lot of members on my board (more than 1200 online members tonight).

I also have a lot of registrations : about 300 today.

I check all registrations because :
- I don't want people to create more than one account on my board. If a member does, I send him an e-mail reminding him the board's rules.
- I want to check accounts created by foreigners because they sometimes are spammers or hackers. I send them an e-mail asking them to reply and answer a few questions.

All this is taking a lot of time.

Do you think it's possible to make it automatic, or at least automatically validate accounts except those I need to check ?

What do you think of it ?

Thank you ! :)

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I think that the mod "one IP per account", would help keeping multiple accounts being made by the same user. For the spam, hackers, ect. All you have to do is enable email validation. I also recon you use the mod that makes it so that they have to answer a question like "1+2", if your that concerned with the security of your board.


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