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Warning Decay

Guest krocheck

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I tried to search this out and I don't believe anyone have suggested this. I have noticed a decent amount of suggestions related to the warning system.

I would love to a task that decays member warning levels over time if no warnings have been given to that member over a certain period of time. The settings needed are the following:
Enable Warning Decay: yes/no
Number of days of 'good behavior' until decay: x days
Decay interval (days in between warning decreases): x days
Decay amount: x %

Here's an example.

ACP settings could be:
Enable: Yes
Good Behavior Days: 60
Decay Interval: 2
Decay Amount: 2

A member has a 40% warning level and hasn't received a warning for 60 days. Starting on that 60th day their warning level will be decreased 2% every other day until the level is 0% or they receive a new warning.

A feature to exclude individual members from decay would be handy to have as well.


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Decay should be affected by both #_of_posts and also time interval. (with options to select either, or both)

Also, if this is implemented, then please accommodate it to this use:

On my forums, we call the warning system the "Rating". And it goes from -5 to +5. All members start off at 0. If they do good, we give them +1, if they do bad, they get a -1. If somebody has a +4 Rating, then that means they're an AWESOME member with high quality helpful posts, and if somebody has a -4, then they're about to get banned.

^ So, decay must work for NEGATIVE ratings only (from -5 to 0), we don't want people with 4+ ratings getting reduced over time lol.

(So, on my forums, we use the warning system as a hybrid karma/warning -5 < 0 > +5

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