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Backing up files on dedicated server

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Here's the deal. I just got a dedicated server for a site that my friend and I are running. I had backup software called MyBackup that I installed on there. All worked fine on my shared server, but when I installed it on the dedicated server, it crashed. Repeatedly. So I am now hunting for some better software that will allow me to back up both my MySQL databases, as well as my web files; on a regular basis. It needs to have the above capabilities, plus:

* Password protection (so that no one besides me and the other guy can run the script).
* The ability to GZIP the files.
* The ability to backup multiple file directories at once.
* Etc.

Any ideas?

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The best one (I know of) is from Acronis, but it has a very high and mighty price. You can install it on your dedicated server, be it windows or Linux (for each there is a separate agent) and control backups and restores of a whole, big organization including groups of servers from there.


I have tried the one you mention; it has a nice attractive interface, but is not yet, in my humble opinion, ripe enough as a serious professional application; it works in a small environments with much too much tweaking and troubleshooting. I think it will take some more time developing.

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