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I have tried to email this query to both addresses on the Home page of IP but both emails bounced.

I am looking to start up an online forum supporting prisoners protesting their innocence. Specifically I am looking for one that people who are not registered within the community cannot read or post - in fact cannot gain access to unless granted permission.

I am moderating on a board at present that has been hacked. We believe that this is an ex member who as it has transpired is not as innocent as he would have us believe. As a group supporting prisoners and those coming up to trial we have to be seen as "squeaky clean" as well as only wishing to communicate with people who are innocent. We aren't interested in helping guilty people "get off" the crimes they have committed.

As I am only a moderator on the current board I don't have complete control of that forum. The person who is in charge of it all is not in the country at the moment, does not respond to emails or telephone calls so I cannot stop the adverts (some porn) as I am not the registered owner, so to speak.

The result of the hacking is that members are scared to post.

Hence my search for a new forum that is as secure as it can be that ordinary members of the public cannot access unless members.

Can you provide what is required and the big question is, how much will it cost?

Thank you for your time.


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If you are asking how to solve the problems with the current board - you would need to contact the owner or an administrator to clear it up.

If you are asking how you can start your own IPB board. You need hosting and an IPB license, hosting can be got from various hosting companies around the internet and IPB licenses can be bought here.
IPS also offers hosting, and with all IPS hosting packages comes a free (but limited) IPB license, to purchase hosting from IPS click here.
Though you should EMail sales@invisionpower.com with any pre-sales questions.

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