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To Do list for all products on next versions

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Does anywhere exists a "ToDo" list where we can see what will be included in the next versions? Alot of bugs are getting reported, also suggestions are made. Some of these are important and will be needed. In the bug tracker, you can see if changes will come out with the next version when is says "fixed" but, for suggestions not. Sonetimes, you can see a comment like " good point or idea" but, you don't know if it gets implemented or not. I am waiting since a while for an pretty old "good idea" and don't want to annoy the IPB Team by asking from time to time when it will come out. A pinned topic "ToDo" would make it easier for me to wait.....or start to annoy when they will add it ;). Also, double posting a search time will get reduced if people can see what's planned.

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