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Is this a genuine email from IPS?

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Recently, IPS Hosting has been undergoing a few changes to our back-end systems to create a more stable and uniform shared hosting environment. In addition to the new theme that we have installed on, currently, a few of our many shared hosting servers, we've also been introducing upgraded maintenance scripts and various other systems to assist in the smooth running of our hosting services. These will be installed on all hosting servers in the coming weeks.

One of the many scripts we are looking to implement will create a fix for a common cPanel problem, which makes it so that when a file is uploaded online, say for example through the IPB Forum Uploader, like a picture, it is 'owned' by the user nobody, or by the server, instead of being owned by your account.

This results in two things - one, you can't modify or delete the file through your file manager, or by logging in with FTP. Two, it does not show up in your disk space report - so for example, even if you use up 200mb of disk space in uploads, but have 10mb in other files, it'll only show that 10mb, leaving you with the impression that you've got a lot more space left, when really you may have very little.

To keep things working smoothly for you, and to make sure that server limits are observed to keep things working better for everyone, we're going to be implementing a script to fix this, so all files will be owned by you giving you the freedom to do as you please with them without having to submit a support ticket to fix the problem, as well as providing you with an accurate report of how much disk space is actually being used by your account.

Please check as soon as possible to see where you are in relation to your disk space limit. You can do this by going to the following URL, and logging into your control panel. If you are unsure of the login details, or require assistance with this please submit a ticket to the hosting department.


The login for the above URL is the same as your hosting control panel, or FTP login.

If you require any assistance in removing files, checking your limit or have any further questions regarding this please submit a hosting support ticket as soon as possible. The new script will be coming into effect gradually, a few servers at a time, over the next week, so please begin to review your account and make sure there will be no problems as the script comes into effect.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, we look forward to continuing to serve you and your hosting needs in the future.


IPS Hosting Team


This email was sent to all IPS Hosting customers as a one time mailing. You are not on a mailing list, and there is no need to unsubscribe.
Thank you for choosing Invision Power Services for your hosting needs.


I just got this email. Is it a real email coming from IPS?

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